Posts made in November, 2015

How to get back to work once again?

Is it that you lost your job? There is nothing to worry! These are some unwarranted situations in life which everyone has to face. The loss of a job is an uncalled for situation.  But when it actually confronts you, take it head on. There are a number of activities to do. These can help you in securing a job and give you the confidence to handle tough times in life. Let us look at these activities: Make a beginning: The best way to make a start...

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One month without a job, but I have 30 more days to make it happen!

Every individual has his own nature and no two individuals are the same. It also applies to the job market. Some people find jobs before they are kicked out. Others are able to do it within a short period of one month. However, if more than one month has elapsed, there is nothing to worry yet. A review of your approach and activities is all that is required to get back on track. Here are a few suggestions to help you out in your endeavor.  Take...

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How to get a job within two months?

In today’s changing work environment, anyone can be between jobs. Yes, that is a better way to put it – “between jobs”. There can be so many reasons for leaving a job and you needed that break. You have now successfully managed the stumbling block and now you are back on track on the look-out for a new job. You are very confident that you will be able to get back with your career move very soon. Facing the interview What you just read above is...

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Unexplored career options for science students

Whenever there is a talk about the science stream, the next question that comes up is the choice of medical or non-medical. The non-medical science students are likely to pursue engineering as their profession. Those who opt for medical should become doctors. This is a typical mind-set existing today, even after opening of the career options. Research: Science is a very large area of exploration. What you see on dedicated TV channels, is...

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