Posts made in December, 2015

Career sustenance versus disruption methodology

If you are an avid reader it is quite likely that you would have already come across the term “disruptive technologies.” The Harvard Business School professor, Clayton M. Christensen used the term for the first time in his 1997 best-seller “The Innovator’s Dilemma.” The term “disruptive technology” is used to indicate a differentiator product or service that diminishes an established technology into oblivion. There is no need to be confused by...

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People make a difference in your career growth

We have been working on the three important aspects of career growth. If you have been regularly reading the weekly blogs you already know about two of them: Conviction or self-belief USP You will be amazed to know that the third important aspect is none other than the “people” working in the organization. Yes! We are talking about your very own colleagues! It appears very difficult to digest, but the people around you are the ones responsible...

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A skill set is an important stepping stone to career advancement

Have you ever encountered the question – “What is your USP” in an interview? Most of the candidates fumble when this question is put up. They either have not worked on developing a skill set or they don’t know about it. Most of the industries and businesses provide the time to the new candidates to specialize in a particular field or area. They also support them with the relevant training programs. Production performance: Let us try to...

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The measure of successful career

We read about the successful careers of people in various parts of the world. They are everybody’s favorites like Steve jobs of Apple and Narayan Murthy of Infosys. People will study about their lives; watch the films on their illustrative careers in order to find out what was behind their success. The answer is simpler than you think. It was their conviction that they could do it. A burden on my back: Let me talk about the normal behavior of...

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