Posts made in January, 2016

The right career advice

If you ask for a career advice you are most likely to be told, “Do what you like the most.” The career perceptions are changing fast and especially so with the younger generation. For one, they have a variety of options available to them and secondly they are not in agreement with the kind of turmoil they see their parents are going through in pursuing their jobs. They simply do not want the stress and the undue long hours at work. That is why...

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Career navigation

The working population is likely to be drawn towards managing the change in the selected career path, in the very near future. An earlier article – Career sustenance versus disruption methodology was my first attempt in this direction which prompted a reader friend to ask me to write further on the changing scenario. A series of books by Alvin Toffler, namely the “Third Wave”, “Future Shock” and “Power Shift” are amazing pieces of work...

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The success story of Praveen Dwivedi

Praveen is working in the purchasing department of a first tier manufacturer as a graduate engineer trainee. His company supplies plastic components to a leading automobile OEM. Many people in the plant including the plant-head know Praveen personally. He has been there in the organization for hardly two months and it makes one wonder the reason for his popularity. He narrated the story to us and we had every reason to believe that the boy has...

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Career perceptions are changing fast

If you happen to interact with the fresh graduates you will find them bubbling with energy. They are very open and broadminded about their future. Gone are the days, when we only used to have limited options for the graduating students. In the gone by era, the parents used to be forcing children into the three prime categories of doctors, engineers and chartered accountants. The other options used to be the civil services, bank probationary...

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