Posts made in February, 2016

How to face the job interview?

Your resume has been shortlisted and it is time for your interview. Your success or failure in the interview will be the deciding factor for your selection. There are some basic things that are necessary when you appear for an interview: Reach the interview venue 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Dress aptly for the interview. Prepare for the interaction in advance. You can get some more details under preparing for the job opportunity. Take...

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Are you hopping jobs too often?

In the past, it was a practice to continue to work in the same organization for all your life and retire from there. Today also, you are likely to find similar examples where people have worked for 25 years or more in the same company. In some family owned companies when the son takes over from the father, these people are still there carrying on the legacy. Similarly, in the public sector organizations, people do not have a choice but to...

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A career in Start-ups

Whenever there is a mention of a start-up in a conversation it attracts attention immediately. If you happen to meet fresh graduates from college, many of them are actually considering a start-up career. Right from the Prime Minister in the country to the senior school students are all talking about start-ups? It is the latest buzz word in every town and you cannot escape being touched in some form or the other. Most of us know about a number...

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How to go about a career change?

Are you dissatisfied with your career? There could be a number of reasons for that and need to be analysed before you go ahead and switch careers. There is a myth that people change jobs in the middle age and prefer to stick to the same job once they are around 50 years. Today, it is possible to make a change in any age, provided the circumstances suit you. Earlier people preferred to remain in the same career for their entire lives, but the...

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