Posts made in March, 2016

The entrepreneurship career option for women

Today the globe is interspersed with the stories of successful female entrepreneurs. These ladies come from the US, UK, Europe, China, India, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and more! They may have culturally different backgrounds but they all come with a strong self-belief and intent to make it big. They are passionate about their work with a resolve to convert their ideas into reality. The have built businesses that are successful and are...

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Deploy the emotions intelligently in your job search

A normal human being displays emotions as a reflection of his state of mind. These can come to the foreground directly or may appear in a disguised form somewhere else. If you are angry you can show it by being rude to whosoever comes in contact (direct) or channel it on someone through the social media (indirect). The whole crux lies in the use of the emotions intelligently for your own good. You can do it in your everyday life and also when...

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How to face the job interview? – Part 2

On popular demand from the readers, we are bringing out the supplementary list of questions that are likely to be asked from you in an interview. This is a follow-up article for – “How to face the job interview”, which was published in the end of Feb’16.  Here we have checked the interview patterns across various industries and prepared the list to make it easier for you to prepare for the interview. Here is the session of question and...

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The 4-step roadmap to get promoted

The employees in an organization strive hard to boost their careers. The annual increment or a yearly bonus may not be enough. An improvement in the status comes with a promotion. As you move a rank higher, people acknowledge the same and you begin to command respect. You cannot expect the promotion letter to drop in your lap on its own. You have to work strategically to get promoted. Here are a few steps that will help you move in the right...

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