Posts made in April, 2016

The employees’ perspective of engagement with the organization

It is very common to hear about the companies implementing innovative initiatives and proactive programs for building a culture of employee engagement. There are many others that are still thinking about where to start and have no foreseeable plans for the future. The organizations may have a strong company culture but may not have an engaged workforce. Thus, it is a wide open area and the industry must look at the employees’ perspective in...

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The importance of summer training/internship/practice school for your career

The significance of practical training along with the theoretical knowledge is well understood by the educational institutions. During the school days, we had the laboratories for doing the practical for science subjects. Today, we have the computer labs and Mathematics labs also. Sports activity was anyway all physical work on the field. What we read in the theory was also seen practically through the experiments in the laboratories. It helped...

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Is the adolescence of your career over?

Every individual who is doing a job faces a situation in his career when he gets a chance to become an adult. It does sound confusing but it is a fact. You begin a full-time job after you attain the adult age but you enter the career track as a novice with practically little or no experience. The situation is that of an adolescent who may be a fresh intern or a trainee.  You get all the protection and guidance but are free to make the mistakes...

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A new approach for job seekers

The companies that are searching for candidates are applying new techniques to hire people. A Bangalore-based start-up “Belong” is assisting the companies in hiring the candidates as per their needs. The latest technique devised by them for sourcing the best engineers from a professional network for programmers called “stack overflow.” This is an information repository and forum, all rolled in one and Belong feels that it is a place where the...

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