Posts made in May, 2016

How to write your resume professionally

Resume writing is an art and people often seek help in getting their resumes done professionally. There is no harm in doing that but you should avoid the resume writers who use the cut and paste technique from their CV bank to generate a resume for you. Half of the information in your resume would be incorrect and you will be caught off guard the moment the interviewer starts asking you questions on the fake skills. The best way to write your...

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Using statistics for making a career choice

When you take admission in a college, you choose a field for yourself. It may be science, management, language, medicine, engineering and so on. What makes you select that field of education? You are normally influenced by the people around you, your peers, and the people whom you seek guidance from. Many times we depend on our parents to take the decision for us. There are students who move to the area where there is a maximum influx (we call...

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The alternate plan

You are doing a job and doing well. You are skilled and your performance is recognised by the organisation. You are on a path of career growth and happy with life till the calamity strikes. You were so strong in your mind that “come what may I will tide it over” feeling was eclipsing everything else. But still the forces left you in a lurch. Can you imagine what these forces could be? Look at the sentences below to understand it. THE FACTS THAT...

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