Posts made in June, 2016

How to turn around an interview in your favour

If you have the experience of appearing for interviews you would have tasted both success and failure. At times, you would have felt that the interview is slipping out of your hands. You can judge the outcome of the interview by keenly watching the body language of the interviewer. You will get many tell-tale signs if there is dissatisfaction at the other end. It may not be very evident to the ones who appear for the interview the first time...

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The mantra for job satisfaction

I meet a lot of people working in the industry and corporate offices, who are dissatisfied with their careers. Many a time the people are working with the top end companies and multinationals but the job contentment is just not there. A few months ago I had come across a gentleman who had already spent 26 good years in the industry and was handling the GM position. After reading one of the articles on the website he wrote to me that he was kind...

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The six interview questions on BPO management

The BPO and call centre managers lead teams that may comprise of tens to hundreds of agents. They make use of Workforce Management (WFM) tools to schedule and organise the workforce in an optimum manner. The questions that are asked from the BPO managers in an interview are based on the people and process management. Let us look at them. 1.       What are your challenges? Though the BPO industry had grown significantly in the last few years it...

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Understanding “hard work” for career growth

We come across a number of people who want to give everything to their career. You will find them doing a lot of hard work in their work area. People term them as workaholics. You find them working late hours and not spending time with family and friends. They hardly have time for themselves and also are able to manage a few hours of sleep. However, it really remains to be seen whether they are getting the career growth in proportion to their...

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