Posts made in July, 2016

The right time to go for entrepreneurship as a career

Most of the people who go in for the job profile have the entrepreneurship ideas kindling inside them. Similarly, the people who graduate from the college have an entrepreneurship and innovation dream world in their eyes. Then what is it that holds us back from taking the plunge. Why doesn’t everyone or say the majority get into the business of their own?  The reasons could be many and some of them are listed here: Over the generations, the...

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Contemplating the common law interview questions

The legal profession offers a number of opportunities for the law students. Like any other popular career path, a career in law is also sought after by many aspirants. If you have studied law then it is quite likely that you are looking forward to joining a law firm and grow your career. The candidates have to go through the interview process once they are shortlisted based on their applications. A normal pattern is followed in the law...

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The five confidence boosters for your career growth

All of us who are into jobs, business or pursuing any career profile have the desire to move ahead in our career path. Some of us are extremely ambitious while others prefer to grow at a steady rate. Whatever may be the speed, the turning point in the chosen path comes when we begin to exhibit confidence in our moves. The individual undergoes a change as he emerges from a nervous and shy garb to a confident and exuberant persona. Let us look at...

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Are you aware of the skill development drive?

Yes, there is a drive going on around the world for skill development. There are international forums, non-governmental organisations and multi-national corporations working on the skill upgrade requirements. Most of it has been triggered by the technological improvements but also by the lack of standard training methodology. There are many sectors where there is a crunch of trained manpower and they have to depend on hiring the skilled...

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