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A new approach for job seekers

New approachThe companies that are searching for candidates are applying new techniques to hire people. A Bangalore-based start-up “Belong” is assisting the companies in hiring the candidates as per their needs. The latest technique devised by them for sourcing the best engineers from a professional network for programmers called “stack overflow.” This is an information repository and forum, all rolled in one and Belong feels that it is a place where the recruiters should be. When the hiring approach is changing for the companies, why the job seekers cannot change their approach?

New approach-2The present system: The current method of relying on the job portals where you send hundreds of applications for a one per cent result has to be supplemented by a new methodology. The networking that you do with your colleagues and friends for information on suitable openings in some organization needs to be added on with some further activities. In totality, you have to continue with your job search using the existing techniques and also add on the new methodology for a breakthrough.

New approach-3The new method: As a first step, you have to figure out around 10 companies that are likely to have positions matching your skills and interests. Read about these companies from their websites and in the newsfeed. Find out some people who are working in these organizations through your social media links. If you do not have them, send out a few friend requests and expand your network. The purpose of this exercise is to find out the current focus of the company, whether it is a new product development or recovery from a problem.

New approach-4Modus operandi: Devise your strategy in the form of presentations on paper or in the PC, where you are able to analyse the problem at hand and propose a solution for the same. You can back it up with your experience in handling similar issues successfully in your previous organizations. The next step is to network with your friends and colleagues, who can vouch for your performance and can introduce you to the right people in the company. These people are not a part of the recruiting department but are the decision makers who are responsible for the business of the company.

New approach-1Examples: To understand the concept let us look at a few examples. The company is facing labour trouble and you make a presentation to the management that how it can be handled successfully with a few examples of your past expertise in the previous companies. The company is struggling with new product ideas and you go in with a product concept that you picked up from a technical journal. It will be definitely of interest to the marketing head. The company is facing repetitive quality problems at the customer end and you present a paper on tackling the issue using techniques that you successfully deployed in your previous organizations.

New approach-5By having the exploratory meetings with the right people in at least 75% of the companies on your target list can make the difference to your job search. By this process of consultative selling, you do not ask for the job by putting forward your resume to the prospective employers but move ahead through a series of meetings and conversations by demonstrating your ability to do the job effectively.

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. The person has to be quite enterprising in order to secure a job by this method. But with all the competition, the method is definitely worth a try.

  2. The stack programs are quite popular these days. NIIT is also running its educational certificate programs on this theme. So it is a good option for the candidates also to try out this strategy.

  3. Yes, I agree with the author that the recruiting trends are changing and their is no harm in changing the way we look out for a job.

  4. It really requires a courage to barge into a company and make a presentation there, something like very effective marketing skills. But it is true that the opportunities favor the people who can take the bold decisions. I will definitely recommend the process to the people who are daring and like to take the lead.

  5. After reading this article I have listed down 10 dream companies in my job hunt. I have acquired specific skills and I am going to present them to the management using this new methodology. Let me see what happens. Looks like this technique is favorable for the IT guys.

  6. The recruiting companies are focusing a lot on the social media platform. They actually see what you have written on your Facebook and LinkedIn platforms in addition to your CV. They take a lot of cues from the social media about you.

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