Research is the best career option for science students

A science student performing an experiment

Last year we came out with an article “unexplored career options for science students.” An overwhelming response to the article prompted us to come out with a sequel. Very little information was available to the parents and their wards as far as the career options after 12th science other than engineering and medical are concerned. This was the status before the internet opened up the possibilities other than the engineering and medical standard practices. However, even the internet was not able to change the mind-set of the older generation who still preferred to stick to the age-old practices.

It has been the consistent effort by the younger generation and their no-nonsense attitude that the good career options for science students other than engineering and medical have become visible on the horizon. It is possible today to do graduation in agriculture science, microbiology, and biotechnology and make your career in the openings related to these fields. You can also get into research in these areas.

Career options in the mind of a science student

The technical jargon in the mind of a science student

Career option with science and maths: The B.Sc. in pure subjects like Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics has always existed. People who want to pursue the teaching career can spend a few more years to do M.Sc. and PhD. in their respective core areas. With the increasing awareness in education, a large number of colleges, universities and online education set-ups have multiplied in the past few years. Thus, the demand for teachers, professors and lecturers are also on the rise.

Computer science as a career option: Information Technology happens to be the largest provider of jobs in the country today. The B.Sc. in computer science or IT opens up the vast career path for you. There are many specialisations and skill-up programs available in this arena. You can even branch out into animation or event management, just to name a few probable and possible directions.

career options display

career options

Careers in hotel and hospitality management: Does the B.Sc. in hotel management ring any bells in your ears? The hospitality industry that has grown in leaps and bounds over the years picks up these candidates to promote its business and take it forward.

Careers in marine science and oceanography: The B.Sc. in nautical science opens up the vast oceans with multiple marine possibilities for you. All you need is a liking for the sea and the sojourns lasting a few days and weeks in the ocean. The Merchant Navy offers quite a few opportunities for the aspirants.

Career choices in horticulture

Science in horticulture- landscaping

Career choices in horticulture: With the green areas within the concrete jungles gaining popularity the B.Scs. in Horticulture and Forestry are having a gala time. The landscaping in the societies and the industrial plots has a special significance because of the demand by the society residents and factory owners respectively.

Career options for biotechnology: The B.Sc. in Biotechnology can look forward to a gateway of opportunities opening up for him or her. The biotechnology in the pharmaceutical sector is talking about utilising the genomic mapping of individuals for personalised medicines for curing diseases. The genetically modified crops and animal husbandry avenues offer immense potential for careers in Biotechnology.

How to pursue the best career option for science students? If you are planning to take a plunge into any of these fields, do a thorough research on the internet and know the ins and outs of the area. The important point to focus on is how your career growth will take place in the chosen arena. The career option for science graduates is likely to offer a growth opportunity with a huge potential in the years to come.  It is time to gear up for the same!

Scientific research is a good career option for science students

Science students taking interest in the lab experiments

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