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How to get a job within two months?

get a job in 2 months

In today’s changing work environment, anyone can be between jobs. Yes, that is a better way to put it – “between jobs”. There can be so many reasons for leaving a job and you needed that break. You have now successfully managed the stumbling block and now you are back on track on the look-out for a new job. You are very confident that you will be able to get back with your career move very soon.

Facing the interview

What you just read above is a conversation that you ought to put across to the interviewer. You are pretty experienced in concocting a story about what made you leave the job. But be very confident in what you put across to the prospective employer. The moment you start getting into the details, the interviewer will lose interest and move to the next question.get a job in 2 months-a

You have to do some practice with a friend in a bid to market yourself. The most confident bragger is going to get the job. There are a few important principles that you must keep in mind when you appear in the interview:

  1. Never tell that you were fired from your previous job. Once you say this you will never get the job in the next company.
  2. Never blame the management or the working style of your previous company. It will be taken as a negative score.

Are you worried that the new employer will find out? What they check is if you had any integrity issues. If you have been honest with your job, keep the faith and you will get a good feedback from the previous employer. No company in the world wants to carry the guilt of firing the people. It wants them to be employed.get a job in 2 months-c

Most people are caught unawares when they get an interview call. So we talked about facing the interview call first. Let’s get back to getting the coveted job.


The simplest and the most effective way to get a job today are by means of referrals. Every individual has a fan following. Also, he is liked by some seniors, while a few may not want to interact with him. So be on the look-out for your helpful bosses. It is quite likely that they hold a very strong position in the industry and may be in touch with a variety of people.  When you approach these influencers, tell them that you are actively on the look-out for a job, but their help and advice will definitely speed up the process.get a job in 2 months-b

By no means should you put the entire burden of finding a job for you on your senior. Instead, apprise him of the effort that you are making, but finding a gap in making the grade. Catch hold of every sentence that he says. He will definitely give you a few hints. You can tag on to these and make full-fledged efforts to work on them. Inform him on a phone of the interactions that took place based on his inputs.

The referrals can also come from your colleagues who are in touch with people who work in other companies. They come to know of the vacancies as soon as the get generated in the other company. If you are at good terms with your colleagues they can definitely guide you to the vacant spot.get a job in 2 months-d

The referrals are a sure shot method of getting a job after the break in a short span of time. However, you may like to do some introspection and strategize for the new job. For this, you will find some interesting reading matter at: “One month without a job, but I have 30 more days to make it happen.

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. Well written and informative article.

  2. good article.I will try by following the information

  3. Two months is not important just increase your skills

  4. I had made the mistake of telling the prospective employer that I was fired from the previous job and found that he immediately lost interest in me. I had thought that honesty would pay and the employer would sympathize with me. Anyway, it was a lesson learned the hard way. I found the article quite helpful for me and for all those who are in the search for a job.

  5. I did the mistake of blaming the management of the company where I was working, in the interview with a new prospective employer. The result was that despite a good performance in the interview and a good CV, I was not given the job. The point has been brought out very well in this blog and the interview candidates must take a note of it.

  6. I have some very confident braggers in the interviews and they don’t let anyone get a whiff that they have been fired from the previous job. Though they do not last long in the company they work for but they are able to secure the job easily.

  7. I was afraid that the new company I joined would find out that I was fired from my previous company when they do a reference check. I was surprised to see that I got a very fair report from them. The point is brought out in this article also that the previous management has no grudge against you and would like to see you employed. Only in case there is some legal matter or if you have been involved in integrity issues you will get a negative reference.

  8. Doing a practice session before appearing for the interview can help you prepare well. If you can rope in a colleague who knows about the technical details of your job the work out session can be even better. The article gives the right inputs for the job searchers.

  9. The referrals do have a very positive impact on the management. I was able to get a good job based on the recommendation of my seniors in the previous company. It is always better to maintain good relations and earn credits for your work in the industry where you slog. The writer is very correct on the importance of referrals in your job search.

  10. good informative articles for job seekars.

  11. I always thought that getting a job back in two months was a tall order when I read this article about one and a half month. Thanks to the suggested methods, I bagged a job within 40 days. I suggest to all my friends who are without a job to try these simple and effective techniques and see the result.

  12. My job search resulted in my bagging a job when I took the help of a senior person in the industry. After I appraised him of my situation he guided me to meet some people in X and Y companies. I went there, met them and gave them the reference of the senior person. I was then interviewed and selected in one of them. I agree with the author that referrals are very important in your job search.


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