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How to get back to work once again?

getting back to workIs it that you lost your job? There is nothing to worry! These are some unwarranted situations in life which everyone has to face. The loss of a job is an uncalled for situation.ย  But when it actually confronts you, take it head on. There are a number of activities to do. These can help you in securing a job and give you the confidence to handle tough times in life. Let us look at these activities:

Getting back to work-5Make a beginning:

The best way to make a start once again is to get in touch with your acquaintances. You have to scan through your contact lists and search for the influential people who have been close to you. These are the ones who have contacts in the industry and corporates and can help you out immediately. Do not have any qualms about disclosing that you are without a job and need support. It is always better to be transparent in such situations.

Getting back to work-3Network with friends:

Today a number of jobs are secured by referrals by close friends and associates. As and when you get to know that you are about to get a pink slip, you can start to get in touch with your friends. Call them up and tell them that you are looking for a job. It is pretty common for companies to fire employees for business survival. The organizations part ways with the employees amicably until and unless you have been involved in anti-lawful activities. Your friends will be more than willing to help you because they know that a sudden job loss can happen with any one of them.

Getting back to work-6Meet people:

Go out and meet your friends and colleagues. Remember you have been meeting your colleagues every day when you were working. There is an increased need for meeting them and other friends now. The saying that โ€œout of sight is out of mindโ€ is very apt. When you are visible to your friends, someone or the other is going to suggest a likely opening or a chance option which you can record and make a try.

Getting back to work-4Apply online:

While you spend time in meeting and conversing with people, you can support it with applying online. Most of the online advertised jobs require some scrutiny and you can apply with a few clicks. Apply to the posts that are relevant and join the number of job portals existing online today. Most of them are free and do not charge any membership fees. However, if you are interested in certain specialized services, you can opt for the paid options.

Getting back to work-1Preparing for the job opportunity:

If a job consultant approaches you, or if you get a call for the interview, you must accept their interview date and time without any ifs and buts. Everything else can be rescheduled but not the interview. Also, make a proper check on the route to follow and be there for the interview half an hour before the time. Dress formally and appear confidently for the interview. Do not make the mistake of pleading for the job. Instead, show that you deserve it.

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. I specially liked the tips for getting back to work

  2. Get Back To Work, Jump Start Your Productivity, Refine your To-Do List, and Move to the Cloud!

  3. This is so motivational & I like this

  4. nice and interesting.

  5. I liked this tips for getting back to work.

  6. This article is very interesting. I have got many useful information from this article.

  7. Thanks for this helpful and nice article.

  8. I think self-confidence is the most important to get back to work again . Then we need to plan how we get back to work again. This article help us to make a plan . Thanks for this efficient article .

  9. confidence can bring success.So we should try to make a good confidence.

  10. We helped out one of our colleague in getting a job in another company when he was fired. Since then our networking has strengthened and a strong bond has developed among us.

  11. Getting in touch with your acquaintances who hold high positions in the industry is very beneficial. If you are out of job they will give you some insider leads that you can use to acquire the job. This will require you to act fast on the reference given.

  12. When one is out of job the best way out is go out and meet people and network with friends and colleagues. It is a sure shot recipe to get you a job opportunity. It has been brought out correctly in this article.

  13. I have always maintained my network with my friends irrespective of the fact that I am in or out of a job. The friends have always helped me out and I have also gone out of the way to help them.

  14. Your articles is very interesting, valuable and self prepare for interview in near future.

    Thanks & Regards
    Rohit Purena

  15. I think if you have the confidence to get back to the job stream, you can do it. All the inputs given in the article will help to achieve the goal.

  16. When people apply online they just send the applications on to every job visible whether relevant or not. This shows a desperation in your attempt. One should apply only to the jobs where you stand a chance and have been posted only recently. This saves you time and you can follow up on the limited jobs with friends and colleagues who might have a reference available to help you out.

  17. I have got into a situation once when I lost my job. I made it a point to get into touch with all my friends and colleagues. I also met a lot of influential people in my contact list. I got five job leads because of this exercise within a week. I got the interview calls and got selected in two of them. I was back to work within 39 days of losing my job.

  18. My friend went into a depression when he lost his job. It took a lot of effort in getting him into the positive mode once again. We have been sending him articles like this one to get him to the job search mode again. Now he is trying out these techniques and I hope that he gets the job.

  19. Thanks for sharing these tips with us..I also like your back to work tips ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am also looking for the job but ๐Ÿ™

    • Pooja, you need not get disheartened. Just go ahead and apply the simple techniques and you will succeed. If you need any help at any time just write to [email protected]

  20. Thanks for sharing back to job tips with us..

  21. I made the mistake of showing myself as busy when I got an interview call. I was actually out of job and I thought the best way to show my upper hand was to bluff it out with heavy work involvement and non-availability. Little did I realize that the company knew about my status and never called me again. A lesson well learned.

  22. Want to get back to work after 4 years of break due to maternity reasons. What should be my salary expectation having 6 years of experience before the break? What do I say when asked for salary expectations?

    • Let me assume that your last drawn salary was Rs. 30,000 per month. Your colleagues who have continued in the same profession for 4 years are drawing Rs. 39000 to 45000 with or without a promotion. When you join a company after a break in the career you should ask for the same salary that you were drawing last that is Rs 30,000. If your employer is good and considerate he should give you a 10-15% jump on the last drawn salary.

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