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One month without a job, but I have 30 more days to make it happen!

30 day job search-2Every individual has his own nature and no two individuals are the same. It also applies to the job market. Some people find jobs before they are kicked out. Others are able to do it within a short period of one month. However, if more than one month has elapsed, there is nothing to worry yet. A review of your approach and activities is all that is required to get back on track. Here are a few suggestions to help you out in your endeavor. 30 day job search

Take it in your stride:

What separates a winner from the loser? It is that inner fire to win the race. Somewhere with the loss of job have you got demoralized or bogged down by the situation that confronted you? It is a very normal situation and happens with most of the people. You have been doing your job so diligently that the thought never crossed your mind that you will be handed a pink slip. All the time you have been thinking that why you had to be fired. It should haunt you for a period of 15 days and not more. The earlier you get over it, the faster you will be in line for a new job. Follow the winner and not the loser.30 day job search-4

Learn from the past:

The company will give you a very simple answer that there was nothing wrong with your performance, but the recession led them to reduce the manpower. Your colleagues, including your juniors and seniors, are the best bet to answer this question. If they are your true friends they will tell you bluntly what could be the reason. You do not need sympathy, but the actual causes. Think about the real reasons and take some professional help in correcting them. This will come in very handy for your next job.30 day job search-3


Check whether you have been carrying out the required activities in looking for a new job. A disciplined approach is required in doing it. It includes meeting and talking to influential people known to you, networking with your friends and remaining in touch with your colleagues. If any friend or colleague is throwing a party or having a get together, be there and make yourself visible. Make it known to everyone that you are still looking for an opening. Gather small inputs and references and make sure you act on them at the earliest possible.30 day job search-5

Positive attitude:

This is the most difficult of all the possible suggestions. If you have a positive attitude, believe me, it is only a matter of time before you will be on the way to a new job. For those who do not have this ability, it is to be nurtured. Bad thoughts continue to come to the mind and negatives get hold of the person’s attitude. The worry of what will happen if I do not get a job overpowers you.  How about thinking- What will I do if I get a job?

It is an approach to any problematic situation that defines the attitude. There are a number of techniques to correct it. You can take professional help on the subject or approach us for improvement. If you develop the positivity in your attitude, you will see the scales begin to tilt in your favour.30 day job search-1

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. Just to introduce myself, I am RajenderArora, a SeasonedMechanical Engineer with MBA-Operations, a Certified LSS Black Belt, possessing26 years of versatile & rich experience mainly for reputed automotive companies having in-depth knowledge of Plant QA, QMS, EHS, Operations, Operational Excellence, LSS etc. and Customer management. Have an excellent blend of Indian, Western and Japanese best practices/ techniques used in Automotive & other Industries.

    Gained exposure in the manufacturing sector – mainly with Tier 1 suppliers to automotive OEMs. Exposed in Automotive, Electro-Mechanical& Control Industries involving almost all manufacturing technologies & processes.
    Recognized for expertise in establishment, maintenance & continual improvements inQMS/ EHS Systems in the organization, eliminating chronic defects by root-cause analysis & CAPA in Tools, Moulds & Processes, strive for operational/ process excellence, Strategic Supplier Selection, Quality Circle deployment and techno-commercial skills and an effective trainer/ coach. A large part of my roles have provided strategic inputs for growth and performance enhancement.

    In fact am not looking for a job, rather a challenging career where my potential can be utilized effectively in order to achieve mutual growth & fulfilment.

    • We will definitely help you out Rajender.
      I have removed some personal information from your comment, to keep your identity safe.
      You seem to be having quite a rich experience in the industry. Your skill set is also very good.
      But like many other professionals you seem to be lacking the job satisfaction. Nothing to worry-it is only a phase of your career. Before I move on with your case; as a first attempt I would like you to read about the value addition part in the blog: . This aspect is a game changer in your job. It is difficult to do (see comments also)but it is so effective that the same job starts giving you satisfaction and career advancement. Work on it and see the results. I am always there to support you if you face any hurdles.

  2. I am 100% agree with that what have some questions in mind.

    I am in same situation but feel its a big leap for my career.

    But also want to share my experience and its the situation of thousands of engineering graduates.

    • Do not worry Ajay. I am going to hand-hold you through this exercise and you will definitely land yourself with a job. Remember, I will not get the job for you. You will do it yourself by following the directions and changing your approach. Never loose heart and keep your positive attitude- That is your strong point. It will lead you to success.

  3. These are my experience and doubts and shortcomings for which I need solutions.

    1.Whenever I go got answer not hire freshers ,how a guy not placed by college and not have personal reference got a job.

    2. I have tried to get a learning opportunity to work in a plant without pay to enhance my skills but not get a single reply.

    3.If join small company there is no equipments and they not follow quality standards, just work like machines after years of work there is no quality of specific field you earn to enter big one.

    4.Why I am never hired by junior level employees and not rejected by top levels whenever interviewed.
    Because I am not physically smart.

    5.How can graduates like me get interact with hr officials of company have 200+ manpower,because you cannot get their mail ids and not allowed to enter company.
    And career sections not frequently checked by them if checked not count fresher’s even some ids not work(e.g JBM)

    • Dear Ajay
      First of all I must appreciate that you have a positive attitude for getting a coveted job and you are making an effort. Only thing that you require is to slightly change your approach to get the desired results.
      1. the importance of campus placements cannot be ruled out .But you must not loose heart. Here is what you need to do if you have missed the bus:
      2. Did you read about referrals in I bet you know a number of influential people in your family and friends. Referrals work in India, more than anything else. You may get an opportunity to work without pay for some time which gets regularized later on.

      I have answers and guidance for all your questions. But I have just answered the first two, because I want you to grasp the content, understand it fully and act. If you find any roadblocks let me know and I will help you out. Once you are through with the first two queries we will move to the next.

  4. Sir it is great that you have given platform to express anybodys issue regaeding career grwoth. I am stuck at one position . please help me .

  5. I liked the article. Very relevant points.

  6. I notice that this article is useful for me but I want to operate from home

  7. This article is very interesting. I have got many useful informations from this article.

  8. Thanks for this nice and helpful article.

  9. I think 1 month is not a long time but If I try hard I will be success.

  10. One has to be focused in his approach in order to secure a job within 30 days.

  11. I have always thought that I have been fired from the company because of the wrong reasons. I never felt that there was anything wrong with me. This article has made me to introspect and I feel there could be some weaknesses which I have overlooked. I am going to discuss the possible reasons with my well-wishers in order to take corrective measures.

  12. sir i av read all ur suggestions n comments.. m avin about 6 years of work experience in sales marketing n handling customer.. but i av jus completed my +2(PUC) every we’re i go more Dan d life n ppl knowledge they ask fo book knowledge i mean degree.. plszz u suggest me sir which field should i enter or shud i learn more plszzzzz

    • Lokesh, in India the educational qualifications are very important. So, I will advise you to go in for a part time/correspondence diploma course in your related field. This will definitely help you to move further in your career. Do the course while pursuing your job.

  13. tnx fa ua reply sir.. m very new to diploma sir.. cud u pls advise me wat course or which center wud b usefll fa me to do this courses.. I’ll follow u sir..

    • Dear Lokesh, As I understand from your experience, you are doing a job in sales and marketing and have lots of experience in customer handling. The right course for you to do will be the MBA degree course with the specialization in sales and marketing. But since this is a masters degree you might have to do a small bridge course in order to qualify. However, you need to check with the agencies/colleges/universities that offer this course online or by correspondence regarding the basic requirement. They will also be able to help you out to achieve the goal. Do some fact finding and then let me know if you still need help.

  14. I was fired from a HOD position in a company. Everyone was sympathizing with me for the wrong decision by the management. When I interacted with my close colleagues they told me that the management had taken the decision when they found that I was not able to get the work done from my subordinates. I took up a short course on people management to improve my skills while keeping on with my job search. Not only I got a job but also improved upon my weakness. Those who read this article must take the important cues from it.

  15. I lost a job for a mistake that I had not committed. It was the failure of my boss and he made me the scapegoat. I was so upset that I almost went into a depression. I had almost decided not to do a job again. But my friends and colleagues have always given me very positive thoughts and helped me out of depression. They keep on sending me good reading material including this article. Once again I have gained my confidence and I have started applying for jobs. I believe that my attitude which has changed from negative to positive is the turning point.

  16. Your article has boosted my confidence once again. I was worried that I have been without job for twenty days and I will never get a job again. Some of the points made in the article are really helpful and I am again back to my job hunt.


  1. Surinder Kothari - Good reading matrial. Will see the practical application.

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