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People make a difference in your career growth

people for career growthWe have been working on the three important aspects of career growth. If you have been regularly reading the weekly blogs you already know about two of them:

You will be amazed to know that the third important aspect is none other than the “people” working in the organization. Yes! We are talking about your very own colleagues!

It appears very difficult to digest, but the people around you are the ones responsible for propelling your career growth. Let us see how they can make the difference:

people for career growth-2People types: When you work in an organization, you are likely to interact with a number of people within the organization in order to complete your work. You will find that the nature of each and every individual is different. Some would be ready to come forward and make friends with you. There would be others who would be kind of neutral to your approach. They would keep themselves limited to the work based interaction. The third ones are the most difficult, who would avoid interacting with you. If you scan your colleagues you would be able to classify them under the three categories based on the first interaction you had with them.

people for career growth-1Team play: The whole crux of the third aspect to career growth lies in the way you gel with your colleagues. If you are a loner and tend to achieve results by being a work-alcoholic, you can forget about career growth. On the other hand, if you mix well with your colleagues and become a team player, your career will grow by leap and bounds.

people for career growth-4Crack the hard nuts: The people, who show their indifference, are either doing it because of their own weakness or by virtue of the high chair they are sitting on. You only have to find their weakness (every individual has it) and help him tide over it. The weakness can be personal, on the family front, or in the skill level. By helping him out at the personal level outside the industry or supporting him in getting the job done within the plant, will help you win over him. This is a time tested technique that can make the toughest nuts crack.

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Get noticed: The management is going to take notice from the moment you start getting along well with your colleagues. This would be visible from the support that you garner in the meetings and how quickly you are able to get your work done from other departments. The team-player characteristic that you display is recognized by the management as an important leadership quality.

people for career growth-6Leverage the characteristic: If you have a typical skill set like excellence in making presentations, your colleagues are going to seek your help. While agreeing to help, you can get your long stuck up work done through him as an exchange favour. This catapults you to greater heights within the organization where the colleagues now start depending on you.

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. I never knew colleagues were so important. I can now understand why I got so little support for my presentations in the meetings.

  2. All right I agree with your 3 steps.

  3. Career growth depends on career development.

  4. Career development is not easy. I agree with the importance of people in the career growth path.

  5. Career development is the sort of thing that you can easily forget about until you wake up one day to realize you have gone nowhere and are not having fun. You are responsible for where you go in your career. With a little bit of planning you can accomplish great things.

  6. Skill is the most important part of career deplopment

  7. In order to ensure an employee’s career goals are aligned with the company’s goals, the company needs to be open about its strategy and future directions.

  8. I tried to practically correlate the three aspects with my career and I could understand the significance. Well written article.

  9. Nice article

  10. It is definitely something that we tend to ignore. Good eye-opener

  11. I agree that teamwork helps in achieving results which are not possible to do as a single person

  12. Skill is the most important part of career deplopment

  13. I still have three hard nuts to crack in my organization. I have been working on them for the last six months. I am close to befriending one of them and I hope I will be able to get the other two on my side by the year end. Good strategy provided in this article.

  14. I had fought with two oldies in a company. While I was at good terms with the others they were not even trying to come close. I finally decided to break the ice and personally invited them to a family function. I also said sorry to them. Now both of them are my biggest supporters and help me out when I get stuck up somewhere. The article is a pointer to the same aspect on the importance of people in your life.

  15. Besides my skills, it has been my colleagues who were responsible for my vertical growth in the company. The fact has been clearly brought out by the article

    • I am also fully agreed by the article given


  16. When you are at the base level in an organization you will find that most of your colleagues are cooperative. As you go up the ladder the attitude of the people starts changing and they begin to compete with you and feel happy when you are pulled up for a mistake. I believe that competition can remain healthy even when people cooperate and support each other.

  17. As you have mention I have tried to help my colleague to overcome his personal problems as well as to overcome lacking skills, technical knowledge. But instead of Make himself independent, he is now refused to work, though he wants promotions , salary hike all that things what is provided to other engineers working within department. Against this he has started butter polish to HOD. and Now even HOD is protecting him and diverting his works to me. have look on our work flow. I am working in tools design. I am designer. And I have voluntarily accepts some work like, Create SAP part no, BOM and Routing. And My colleague is responsible for manufacturing. So he has to arrange Raw material, Manufacturing and create production order, and send it for Hardening and grinding. But Now after change in condition he has to only arrange raw material and manufacture component. all rest tasks are diverted to me. So in this case my HOD is same responsible to make team more week by promoting lazy people and not intimate him to learn and work. Me and my other colleague are ready to teach. I am in confusion what to do? please suggest what to do?

    • Tackling people is one of the most difficult tasks in an organization. In this case I would suggest you to increase your communication with your boss, but do not blame your colleague. Make him feel that you are the one who is doing the work and would like to be involved in the growth of the company. You will soon come to know what the boss is looking for. You have to become a smart worker instead of a hard worker. I would suggest you to read another article:

  18. I agree with the author that Self belief, skill set, and people are the most important aspects of your career. I have read all the three articles and found them very interesting and useful. Thanks.

  19. I believe in the saying that “Man is a social animal.” I gel very well with my colleagues and we do meet a lot even outside the office. in fact, most of the get-together and friend meets are organized by me. On the career front I do not think I have any issue for the “people” angle.

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