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The entrepreneurship career option for women

women entrepreneur-7Today the globe is interspersed with the stories of successful female entrepreneurs. These ladies come from the US, UK, Europe, China, India, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and more! They may have culturally different backgrounds but they all come with a strong self-belief and intent to make it big. They are passionate about their work with a resolve to convert their ideas into reality. The have built businesses that are successful and are living a life of dreams. There are many of us who aspire to take up entrepreneurship as a career. Let us look at some guiding principles and traits that can help us achieve this goal.

women entrepreneur-4There is a way with the rules: Most of us prefer to be law-abiding citizens who want to lead the trouble free normal lives and rightly so. The women have that natural inkling to be all the more secured. However, if you happen to be with the most powerful women leaders, you will realize that “women need not abide by a predetermined set of rules in order to make it to the top.” It does not mean that you break the law but talks about the pre-determined notions that women bind themselves with. The women entrepreneurs, who have broken free of these shackles, have made it to the summit.

women entrepreneurWomen empowerment: On 6th of March 2016, on the occasion of International women’s day, it was the Air India all-women crew that took the 17 hours long and the world’s longest non-stop flight from New Delhi to San Francisco. As per Captain Ramya Kirti Gupta, the flight symbolises women empowerment and encourages them to leave their comfort zone and work successfully in the male-dominated areas as well. Talk about the woman of today being the boss, a solid brand, undeterred feminist, and on top of it, a disruptor.

women entrepreneur-5The driving force: There are numerous examples of women having taken to entrepreneurship out of dire necessity. This may stem out of the need to support the family when a natural calamity plays havoc or when the earnings for the family stop in the wake of the retirement of earning member. There are other instances where the lady is good at a baking skill or a tailoring expertise. These come very naturally to women and can be set up in a business that can earn good revenue. It hardly requires any capital to start and can be expanded once the money starts flowing in.

women entrepreneur-1Start-ups: If you feel that the start-up entrepreneurs are all males you are grossly mistaken. The ladies who wracked their brains and came out with novel ideas are doing great today. Rashi Menda is behind Zapyle, an online business and fashion marketplace to discover, sell and buy pre-owned fashion attire. Priyanka Gill teamed up with Namrata Bostrom to create a digital lifestyle magazine for women and co-founded in 2014. Naiya Saggi is the creator of BabyChakra, a platform that helps parents discover and connect with local services for maternity and childcare.

women entrepreneur-2The list of successful women entrepreneurs is endless. All you need to do is pick up the necessary characteristics that you need to nurture in order to become a businesswoman. You have already seen that the start can be made from literally no investments to decent ones. The most important of all the factors is the conviction to do it. The Air India flight is a good example. You may not always need a driving force to do it if you can break free of the strings that bind you and believe in the saying, “Where there is a will there is a way.”women entrepreneur-6

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. The article is very motivating and an eye-opener for the women of today. My daughter who is struggling to find a direction for her career found this article very useful. She is ready to explore the option of an online business now and is pretty excited about it. Thanks for opening up an avenue for her.

  2. I did not know that women were so successful with start-ups. From what I read in this article there are a number of success stories in this area for women entrepreneurs. This is really good news in this era of women empowerment.

  3. Wow! That Air-India longest non-stop flight with all women crew is a very good example of the might of the women. This should be a good eye-opener for all women who lack confidence in taking their initiatives to greater heights. Excellent article.

  4. Many of us women are easy going and on top of that we like to bind ourselves with the family restrictions. It is in our blood to lead a dependent and over safe life. After reading this article I find that there is no dearth of avenues for women if they can come out of their protective shells. It is rightly said that we have to break free from our shackles. The world has plenty to offer.

  5. The decision to become an entrepreneur comes naturally and it cannot be enforced on anyone. I do agree that that some women have it in them but it needs to brought out of the wraps. It is a good article for all the women who want to test their trait for doing business. You will quickly adapt to it if you have that knack to be an entrepreneur.

  6. The success examples of women entrepreneurs and the all women crew flight are very motivating examples. It has really made me think in the direction of becoming a business woman. Thanks.

  7. After reading the article, I went to the internet and was astonished to find so many success stories of women entrepreneurs. I bet there would be failures also, but I find that if you have the conviction you can definitely be a successful entrepreneur. I have decided to give it a try.

  8. The women and cosmopolitan magazines are full of success stories of women entrepreneurs. I am really motivated to start my own start-up and all the more so after reading this article. Thanks.

  9. Indian history is full of anecdotes where the women have made their mark. Not delving very far we had Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi and on a more recent take Indira Gandhi who became the Prime Minister of the country. These examples are good motivators and with the internet opening up the world we have numerous women success stories. All we women need is the resolve to do it. Once we decide to take up the entrepreneurial route there is nothing that can stop us.

  10. I visited the baby chakra website and really liked the way it has been done. Only a woman understands the needs and she has taken every possible care to cover even the minutest detail. Kudos to women entrepreneurs.

  11. I had no choice but to take up the entrepreneurship option due to certain problems faced in the family. Today, I am successful and have no regrets about the decision taken five years ago. In fact, I only emerged stronger from the experience. It is only your determination and desire to succeed that will catapult you to the heights that you desire.

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