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The ultimate interview question – Why should we select you?

The ultimate interview question – Why should we select you?

You might have watched the grand finale of the beauty contests like Miss World and Miss Universe. All through the contest, the young girls from around the world are quizzed on various aspects and the finalists are selected from the lot. The finalists are tested on a question and based on their answers the winner of the pageant is decided. The girls hardly get any time to think and in this short period, they have to produce an answer which is liked by almost all the judges. The situation is pretty similar in a job interview as well. The interviewers grill you through a number of questions and try to extract the maximum possible information from you. In the end, comes the stunner – Why should we select you for this post?

Why should we select you - in an interview

Candidate grilling by the interviewers

You have already shared your educational qualifications, your family background and your work experience details. All this is there in your CV and you have given much more details when you communicated with the interviewer one is to one. The interviewers always keep a few questions in their arsenal where they can test your confidence. They also check your ability to answer impromptu as you will have to deal with many such situations where you will have to take quick decisions without being given much time to think.

You cannot answer the question – “Why should we select you and not others?” in a general way. The interview committee is looking for a blockbuster answer. It has to be different and must appeal to the interview board if you have to win the contest. We have talked about using the USP or your ultimate selling proposition, in such situations. If you have not played the card already, you can talk about how you have used your USP in the past to bring about far-reaching changes in your previous organisations. You can close the deal by telling them how you intend to use your USP to the company’s advantage if selected.

Confident answer by candidate in the interview

The candidate answering the interviewer confidently

You can also talk about the project that you undertook over and above your key responsibility areas (KRAs). You not only met the business plan targets but also took the lead through this project which had far reaching implications on the growth and profitability of the company. You are good at finding opportunities in your work area and use them to carry out mega improvements through projects. You will have to substantiate your ideas with an example otherwise, it may be brushed aside as pep talk.

You have to avoid answers like – If selected I will do wonders for the company, or If given a chance I can bring about changes overnight. Your ability to gel with the colleagues, enhanced skill set, or administrative capability may be good for your career but not enough for your selection in the new company. It is not easy to turn around the interview in your favour. The judicious use of the USP or the success you achieved through projects can definitely help you answer the question – “Why do you believe we should select you for this position?” in the right perspective.

Smiling and confident candidate

The beaming candidate after answering the ultimate interview question

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


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