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Unexplored career options for science students

Whenever there is a talk about the science stream, the next question that comes up is the choice of medical or non-medical. The non-medical science students are likely to pursue engineering as their profession. Those who opt for medical should become doctors. This is a typical mind-set existing today, even after opening of the career options.


Research: Science is a very large area of exploration. What you see on dedicated TV channels, is research on a vast variety of subjects. Is it all carried out by engineers and doctors? The answer is a big no! These are people who have studied science and took up specialization in the fields that interested them. They spend time on doing research and earn PhD and Doctorate degrees in their respective

Institutes: There are a number of scientific research institutes in India and abroad which support the research programs. The scientists who go in for these professions are also awarded stipends during their course of study by the government. Though the government wants to push ahead in this neglected area and can provide the infrastructural support, but there are very few takers.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi congratulating the ISRO Chairman, Dr. K Radhakrishnan on the successful launch of PSLV C23, at the Mission Control Centre, at Sriharikota, in Andhra Pradesh on June 30, 2014. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu is also seen.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi congratulating the ISRO Chairman, Dr. K Radhakrishnan on the successful launch of PSLV C23, at the Mission Control Centre, at Sriharikota, in Andhra Pradesh on June 30, 2014.

Successful career option: This career option is very much open for the science students who have the knack and willing to take a plunge in this direction. Though it is not considered to be a rewarding career, but it is likely to open up in a big way. We come to hear about the rocket launches from SriHarikota and satellites being placed in geosynchronous orbits. The world got jittery when India tested its nuclear capabilities. All this has been possible because we have the scientists working behind the scenes in all these endeavours.Career in science-2

Top notch organizations: We have Defense research and development organization (DRDO) and Central electrical and electronic research institute (CEERI) as examples of premier organizations and institutes in India which promote research. Besides these, there a number of private research entities in the country also. For admission to these government and private sector entities you have to be qualified with a science background and also clear the admission tests.

Career in science

Good profession: Those who have the knack for research and like the life of a scientist can definitely pursue this career. The scientists today, are very different from the projections that exist in the society. Exceptions can be there, but scientists devote time to their profession and also lead a good family life.Career in science-4

Global scale: The best part, in this profession is the option of doing specialization in your respective field from foreign universities. To qualify for the courses in the foreign countries, the students are required to complete a bridge course first after they are selected. This enables them to come at par with the other students following a curriculum of study in that country. The study in the foreign country can be expensive, but students manage to learn to fund their studies. Scholarships, loans and earn while you learn are the various methods adopted by the students.

Explore the field of scientific studies further and you will find that plenty of career options open up in front of you.

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. Thanks for providing the information on the science career options. it was interesting to know about CEERI and DRDO.

  2. Good informative article. I never knew so many opportunities can open up in the field of science

  3. When I saw the programs on Discovery channel, BBC, National Geographic etc. I could correlate the career options for science students as mentioned in the article.

  4. I know so many opportunities can open up in the field of science .Thanks for providing the information on the science career options.

  5. I could correlate the career option for science student as mentioned in the article

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  7. Thank you so much for providing this idea.

  8. I appreciate you for the informative article.

  9. Very few career blogs talk about science as a career option. I am glad to read this one. I hope we will get more in future also.

  10. India as a country lacks a lot in scientific research. There is plenty of good government funding available to the scientific research institutes spread across the country. As the article rightly points out there are very few takers of science as a career option in the country. A transformation is indeed required.

  11. The scientific research infrastructure in the country is backed by the government only. However, I was surprised to know the amount of funding that is available to them. Unfortunately very few people utilize it. If the private sector works on this alternative there will be a tremendous growth of the science as a career path in the country.

  12. With the government giving thrust to the agriculture sector this year, another area has opened up for the science students. There is immense potential in the agriculture research. Already there is a lot of research going on in the crops, seeds and farming methods but still there are many unexplored options for those who want to make a career in this field.

  13. Why can’t people talk about science as a career option as they do for engineering and medicine. My relatives who are settled abroad are doing exceptionally well in the field of scientific research. Their work is also acknowledged by the government bodies. Also, their patented research is bought by the corporate bodies. It really feels good to earn a huge sum of money for the hard work you have done. I do not know when the situation will change in India.

  14. I have the liking for science from my school days. The lab experiments, the chemical reactions and the biology slides always fascinated me. I always use to get very good marks in my practicals. Now I am doing M.Sc and plan to do PHD to further my knowledge. Thanks for giving the insight to the career options in this field. It is a welcome change.

  15. I recently watched the story of “Mangal Yaan” on the Discovery Channel. It is a very emotional saga of success of the Indian scientists that have put India into the top nations of the world capable of making and sending inter-planetary satellites. I have made up my mind to make science as my career option. I want to be sitting one day among the scientists at Sri Harikota and monitoring the launch of advanced multi-functional satellites.

  16. It’s always a relief when someone with obvious exeprtise answers. Thanks!

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