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Advanced CV writing techniques narrative

Advanced CV writing techniques narrative
The wide scope of advanced CV writing techniques

The advanced CV writing techniques encompass a wide set of activities

We must make it clear right at the beginning of the article that we have already covered the basics of your resume writing in the earlier articles. If you have followed those correctly and updated your resume accordingly, you will score at least 65 in the resume evaluation online. If you have your resume on they will reflect your resume score through a mail once in approximately two months. If you are in the 65 per cent plus category we will tell you how to take you further up from here. The advanced CV writing techniques list helps you score brownie points in the interview which are necessary if you want to get that coveted job.

Shortlist preparation: When you are searching for a job or you want to make a change, it is necessary that you make an effort to prepare a list of companies where you intend to work. These have to be related to the work area that you are handling and the nature of the industry has to be similar as well. Talk to the people in general about the industries that are on your list to gather more information about them. Visit their websites to gather more details about them. If you have some friends or relatives working in these industries take the inputs about the work environment.

Keep your eyes and ears open: Be on the alert to find out if any of these companies are looking for a candidate. This information travels the fastest in the reference circles, social media, and job portals. Most people make the mistake of dumping their CV to the company at this juncture. With thousands of CVs pouring in the concerned persons in the HR department hardly have time to look at them? Even if they look at a few they are likely to lose interest very fast. The right action at this juncture is to talk with the HR person.

The thought process that goes into your CV

Figuring out the content of your CV

Figure out the requirement: Some companies or consultants come out with the job description while others just mention a few copied lines from here and there.  Trace out the HR person in the company and find his mobile number. Give him a call and tell him that you are interested in applying for the job. You can expect the blunt answer to apply on the job portal. Do not lose your cool but request him to appraise a bit on the job profile. Tell him that you have read the JD but you would like to hear about the actual requirement from him. It is a tough call but your best bet to make it to the company.

The customized CV is based on the information collected

Writing the customized CV

Write the custom CV: Assimilate your information that you have about the company from the various sources and figure out the expectations of the company. Your CV prepared on the basic guidelines has to be modified to include the items figured out by you and the ones that the company is looking for. As an important part of the advanced CV writing techniques worksheet, customise your CV as if you are the candidate that the company is looking for. Your CV has to be emailed and also sent by courier to the concerned HR person. Call him up to tell him that the CV is emailed to him. If he is busy crosscheck with him in the afternoon if he has seen your CV.

Once you make your CV noticed by using the advanced CV writing techniques narrative, the HR person will glance through it. The customised CV is likely to move to the next level as you have put the effort to suit it to the company requirement. This is a tried out technique to generate an interview call. At this stage you may also like to try out consultative selling techniques.

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.

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  1. I checked my resume score on naukri after reading this article. I found that I scored only 32 out of 100. I think I will first go to the basics as recommended in this article and improve my score.

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