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As a woman I want to pursue my career

career girl-2There are a number of professions which women are getting into. The world is already open and has accepted women as able managers and top notch professionals. Today, you hear names like Indra Nooyi of Pepsico and Chanda Kochar of ICICI Bank having carved a niche for them in the corporate world. You can set up your career based on your educational background and your skill set. Let us look at some workable girl-3

Women’s forte: Two professions where the women dominate the percentages are teaching and healthcare. If you have post graduate qualifications with B.Ed. or you have done the Nursery teacher training course with graduation, you can easily make it to the school as a teacher. Also, besides doctors you will find a number of women pursuing the nursing career after doing the specialization course.

Potential areas: A number of women qualify the admission tests for careers in education, banking, and civil services; just to name a few of them. You will see a number of women around you who would be working and can add to the avenues possible for you. You can also seek help and guidance from the working women in your relatives and girl-5

Setting your online business: Another option which the women prefer a lot is working from home or setting up of a business. You have to be net savvy for being competitive in today’s environment. You may be an expert in selection of ready-made garments, ethnic jewellery, decorative items or interior decoration. You can set up a shop online and have your sources which can supply the items as per your specification. Once you have visitors, who become interested in your wares you can sell online and generate an income. There are a number of women who do freelancing, where you get paid for the jobs that you negotiate with your clients and complete as per the girl-4

Maternity break: For women the option of getting a job is simpler than getting over the family set up. The organizations where you work normally provide for maternity leave for 4~5 months, but that may not be sufficient as far the development of the child goes. It is the first eight years that are crucial for the development of the child. If you are in a joint family, with elders around in the family, it is not much of an issue as someone will definitely take care of the young one when you are away for the job.

Family expectations: The problem comes when you are in a nuclear family. In the West it is either the male or the female who looks after the young one while the other member pursues his or her job. They are also pretty ok with the crèche arrangement. Things are changing in Asia but it is still expected that the lady of the house will take responsibility of the young one.  It is not the right thing and needs a radical girl-1

The way forward: Let the family expectations not be a setback in life. Till the time you find an alternate arrangement to take care of the young one, you can pursue higher education, part time specialization course, on even online freelancing jaunts in your professional area. If you continue to be in touch with your area of expertise, you will not only enjoy your family life, but also be able to get back to your profession with ease. Ladies emerge stronger with well-groomed children and a career that many men would girl

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. I have been struggling against family pressures. The article has given me some options to find an alternative way. Thanks.

  2. Good insights about doing business from the home. Being from a business family I found the leads interesting. Thank you.

    • So excited I found this article as it made things much quckier!

  3. Setting up business from homes appears to be a very good option. Further elaborative blogs on this career move would be helpful.

    • You can definitely expect further blogs on the popular subjects in future.

  4. I am a woman doing a teaching job in a city. The private management of the school is corrupt and pays salary lesser than what we are asked to sign on. I have been told that is the scenario in some other schools as well. What solution do you suggest to such a problem?

    • Yes, this is a problem with small private schools. As a solution you must improve your skills by taking up an online course. You can select the one with classes on weekends or in the evening. Use these skills (Example Nursery teachers training course etc.) and your existing experience to secure a job in a reputed school. You can then lodge a complaint against the corrupt school authorities asking them to raid the school when the teachers are getting paid. This way you will achieve a career growth and also penalize the corrupt management.

  5. The new generation women are changing in their approach, but the family set ups are not changing. The parents and then the husband’s family need to go through a big transformation in order that the women get successful in their careers. It is not an easy task in a male dominated society.

  6. I have done a 2 year course in interior designing and I want to set up my own business online. However, after reading this article I feel that I must gain some experience by working along with some one for a year or two. That will give me the required confidence to take it up on my own.

  7. As a woman I was heavily disheartened when I met so many women who had left their career midway because of family problems. But after reading this article I feel that there is a hope still. I want to keep on with my career till I want to work. I need all these positive vibes and motivating material to go on. Thanks for it.

  8. I am on a sabbatical for 5 years now. I left my job post marriage to live with my husband abroad. Post delivery, i came back to India and settled here. I then, couldn’t make a decision on whether I should work or simply stay at home with my child and be there for her. The family was looking for contributions from my end but I held back as I was feeling guilty at the thought of giving little to no time to my girl. Also I was very low as I felt out of place when I hit the job market as several new kinds of opportunities emerged and it seemed like there wouldn’t be any takers for me. It was at that time, that my husband motivated me saying that if I really think, I would be able to identify those skill sets in me. He said that though he’s a manager in a top company, he was secretly envious of my communication and presentation skills and that he had noticed how well I plan things, organize them, and complete tasks on time. All I needed now was to upgrade my domain knowledge or to acquire a new skill that might be of my interest. He told me how he was in awe of the young woman who was once dynamic, extrovert, challenge loving, polite yet took people to task when something was wrong, has now reduced to just being a home maker and lost her identity in the process. This was an instant energy booster! Now I’m doing a course on payroll and trying to come back into the workspace. So far, it’s been close to one and half months and no calls yet. I will just take it as an opportunity to have extra time with my lovely girl (3.5years) till I get placed. Your article came across motivating. Thanks.
    PS: Even now, he would assign me a task and when I tell him that I have not done it before and hence do not have an idea, in a typical management style, he would tell me, ” oh come on, lady!! You know you’ll find a way” and yeah, most of the times I do 🙂

    • Archana, I must congratulate you for the fact that you are absolutely on the right path. Two very noticeable things that you are doing 1)Taking care of the baby 2)Improving your skills. Since you have a positive frame of mind and a very supportive husband, I will give you the next course of action. 3)Learn to market yourself. Put up your profile on LinkedIn, Facebook and Naukri. Bring out your skills very clearly. They should be like the keywords that a HR guy would punch in to find a suitable match. Write clearly that you are adding the payroll skill at present. Ask your husband to do it for you. Keep me posted on the status and I will guide you to your target. I am adding you to the mailing list.

  9. I like the idea of online selling. I am taking a skill up course in setting my own website online along with the other necessary requirements. I have done the basic courses in programming and I like working on computers. My father is a businessman and I will certainly use his expertise in setting my business. Thanks for matching my idea in this article.

  10. Both my sister and my wife have opted for the career option, though my mother is a housewife. I have always been supportive of the fact that women must work as it makes them self-reliant. It is a must in today’s world where life is so unpredictive.

  11. As regards to family support for career women, I hear that the parents are very supportive and the in-laws are not. However in my case it was otherwise. My parents were conservative while my in-laws supported me all through. I never had to worry about my family, house and children when I went out for work. Should I consider myself lucky or is it that the times are changing?

  12. Most of the women end their career when they get married. I took the resolve of continuing with it. Since my place of residence changed to another state, there was a gap of two months before I got a job at the new place. There was some resistance in the family initially but they have become supportive now. Where there is a will there is a way. Thanks for the motivating article.

  13. Articles like this along with the news on TV and commercials showing women in good working positions have propelled me to find a job and start working. I have decided to take a plunge and then find ways to deal with family pressure.

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