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Contemplating the common law interview questions

lawThe legal profession offers a number of opportunities for the law students. Like any other popular career path, a career in law is also sought after by many aspirants. If you have studied law then it is quite likely that you are looking forward to joining a law firm and grow your career. The candidates have to go through the interview process once they are shortlisted based on their applications. A normal pattern is followed in the law interviews but the difference appears when the candidate is grilled for his academic knowledge in the law domain. Let us look at some common interview questions.

law-2Why do you want to be a lawyer? There is a typical characteristic that the interviewer is looking for when he asks you this question. The attribute is that of a team player. In the law profession, you are expected to learn from your seniors and pass on the learning to your juniors when they make a start. Teamwork is an essential ingredient along with the individual capacity to handle a large workload. Taking the initiative and a passion for their work are the other important aspects.

law-1Why have you chosen this profession? You decided to study law because you were impressed by the way the Barrister or Solicitor in a family relation practiced. You not only liked the extent of his academic knowledge but also the way he handled the finer points of a deal or dispute. You also have an eye for detail and can read between the lines and interpret things well. You can add the experience of the practice sessions in the college where you performed extremely well.

law-4What is the most important issue facing the legal profession? The interviewer wants to test your knowledge of current affairs in the law domain and also your interest in the subject. The legal issues which are the talk of the town make it to the news headlines and are there all over the newspapers. Make it a point to be aware of the most crucial issues facing the fraternity with a thorough understanding. It would be better if you can point the issue in the domain area where your interviewing firm is operating. The specialty area could be a legal aid or corporate law.

law-6What made you apply for a job in our firm? Here, the interviewer wants to test whether you know about their firm and whether you have bothered to take a good look at the company website. You can also show your interest in say finance or intellectual property which may be the core areas of operation of the company where you are appearing for the interview. The interviewer knows that you are not an expert in the area yet but he can definitely gauge your interest.

law-5What is your understanding of a lawyer’s role in the business world? The lawyers are involved in advising their clients on a number of legal matters relating to business. It could be that the client is entering into a corporate purchase or a large financial transaction. The lawyers are required to advise on the laws and terms, prepare the documents, and ensure that the deal goes through smoothly. Similarly, they could be guiding the clients on their legal rights in a dispute resolution process.

law-1Many more general questions may crop up during an interview but the ones listed here would give you a firm base to handle the interview smoothly. The interviewer may also test your discussion strengths and also your ability to hold onto your

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. I joined the lawyers fraternity recently and I was surprised to see that they all were ready to help me out with the initial training and guidance the moment I opened up to them. Then suddenly I realized that I had read about team play in this article. Now I have recommended this article to young law aspirants.

  2. Thanks. I was desperately looking for an article on interview questions for law graduates. I find the questions and answers quite relevant and I can also build on the hints given. Thanks once again.

  3. I am studying law and I am quite excited about the legal profession. I intend to join a law firm in the city of Mumbai which happens to be 100 Kms from my home town. Thanks for providing the information on the interview questions and answers. These will help me in performing well in the interview.

  4. Remember, though, that your interviewers won’t be expecting you to be an expert on your chosen area yet, and you don’t have to commit to it for the rest of your career – this point of the interview can be a great time to ask some questions of your own, find out more, and clarify your aspirations – you’ll be showing your interest is genuine by doing so. Your interviewers will expect you to not just be interested in the business world, but also to have an understanding of how law firms fit in.

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