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How to answer what do you know about this company in a job interview

How to answer what do you know about this company in a job interview
candidate answering - what do you know about this company

Question being asked from the candidate in an inerview.

One of the popular questions to be asked in an interview is what do you know about this company. The interviewers resort to asking a number of questions from the candidate in order to get the maximum information about him. Each member of the interview board plays a significant role in the assessment of the candidate. The questions pertain to a variety of subjects like work knowledge, social behaviour, past experience, family, interests, and willingness for the new job. While the technical member of the interview team is interested in the details of your work experience and project details, the human resource person will grill you on the behavioural aspects.

Some questions like what do you know about this company’s products and services are put to test your interest in the new company. If you are really serious about the new job you would do a thorough research about the company on the internet. The best way to get the information is from the company website. You should read all the matter given in the mission statement, company vision, about us, products and services etc. The history or milestone page tells you about the landmark achievements of the company.

Candidate giving wrong answer in an interview

Candidate blaming his previous company in an interview

The same question can be twisted to why do you think this company is better than your current company? The answer has to be given very carefully. Most candidates do the mistake of blaming the company where they are working at present. If you are critical about the place you work, you are likely to lose your candidature. The reason is simple that the interviewer believes that tomorrow you are going to blame his company the same way. To answer this question correctly you have to say that you are happy with your current company as it has given you ample opportunities for growth till now. However, you feel that you can do even better in the conducive environment provided by the interviewer’s company.

A company that is predominantly into providing services to the customer will put the question what knowledge do you have about the services offered by our company? The interviewing company can be from telecom, plumbing, consulting, finance etc. just to name a few service providers. All you have to do is to garner the information about the services provided by the company to its clients. Most of it would be available on the company website which you must absorb before the interview.

Finally, we talk about another twist to the likely question. It will sound like, what interests you about our company, product or service? The answer to this question is not much different from what you have read earlier but only tests your knowledge through a multiple choice question. You can talk about any of the three choices, provided the company sells the products in the market or is a service provider or both. The safest bet would be to talk about the company which you feel will take your career to greater heights.

Interviewer reacting on incorrect answer

Candidate has given a wrong answer in an interview

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  1. I made the mistake of not going through the company website prior to the interview and paid the price of being not selected for the job. In fact, I had no clue when the interviewer asked me the question about the company for which I was being interviewed. I have changed my strategy since then.

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