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How to go about a career change?

How to go about a career change-0Are you dissatisfied with your career? There could be a number of reasons for that and need to be analysed before you go ahead and switch careers. There is a myth that people change jobs in the middle age and prefer to stick to the same job once they are around 50 years. Today, it is possible to make a change in any age, provided the circumstances suit you. Earlier people preferred to remain in the same career for their entire lives, but the career perceptions are changing fast today. De-motivation or frustration at work can ruin your entire life and it makes sense to take a check; make amends, and move on with the right career.

How to go about a career change-1Career assessment: This is an important step to study and analyse the type of job situation you are in. There are a number of tools available that can help you in finding out the root cause of your dissatisfaction and whether you need to make a shift in your career.  You can check your personality type and get a career choice profiling done in order to find out whether you are in the right job or if you need a change. Also, there is a need to understand the difference in “what you like to do” and “doing what you are.” Another career navigation requirement may emanate from the onslaught of disruptive technologies. These technological advances require you to steer or change your career in the right direction.

How to go about a career change-2Career transition: This is a stage that can be defined as the gap between your current career and where you want to be in future. It is important to do research on the career option and talking to people who are already in the career or job that you are seeking. A professional guidance or help definitely makes the difference when you are making the transition. The new career option may require you to acquire new skills and take professional training. This can be done while continuing with your present job and utilizing the time in the evening and on weekends to your advantage. Many of such skill up courses are also available online and can be pursued from your home as well.

How to go about a career change-3Step on the accelerator: Once you are through with the preparations for the career change, you can step up the pace and target getting a job within two months. Even those who are between jobs or are on a lookout for a job can make an assessment and get into the transition phase. The major benefit comes from the fact that you are putting your career on the right track. You can also get a lot of inspiration from reading the success stories of other people. This gives a boost to your self-belief and strengthens your conviction. Another important factor is that the people around you, including your colleagues and boss, play an important role in your career transformation.

How to go about a career change-4Make the career change: Having followed the simple strategy mentioned herein you can go ahead with your career change. You must remember that the existing career was not giving you the desired results. The strategy that you have adopted is a logical one where you have not only improved your skills but also grasped a lot of career navigation ideas. The investment in these proven career techniques will allow you to propel your career in the right direction and allow you to reach your potential quickly.How to go about a career change-5

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. I have found the recommendations quite relevant to my career context. I intend to take the personality tests soon to find my personality type. A few of my colleagues have gone in for this type of tests and took some career guidance according to their personality type. I find that they are doing quite well today. The article has only reinforced my belief for the right career move using my personality type.

  2. I liked this article.

  3. Doing what you are looks to be a difficult call. But it looks to be worth giving a try.

  4. Will the personality type guide me towards the right career?

    • It will give you a broad classification. You have to fine tune it by taking some professional guidance. The book at Amazon will also help.

  5. A step-by-step plan to change your Career to something you love.

  6. Career transition is a tough call. Good suggestions given. I have been through this route and find some truth in the directions. However, one must remember career transition is a unique experience for every individual.

  7. Changing fields is one of the most invigorating things you can do.

  8. I am approaching the 50 plus age group. Most of my colleagues in the same age group do not want to change their jobs while I am holding a different view. This blog has given me the confidence to go ahead with a change.

  9. One must take stock of his or her career. We have a habit of just continuing on and on and we relent it later when we do not get the desired result. Giving direction to your career is important. Good article.

  10. I hope the career change aspect is applicable to both males and females alike. As a woman I am going to make an assessment of my career and then make a switch.

  11. I did my personality test long back and forgot about it. I did not know it was important for assessing my career. I think I will redo it.

  12. I am currently in the career transition phase. After reading this article I think I should be adding skills in order to move to the new phase in my life. Initially I was thinking to make a switch directly but now I believe an external input would make my case strong.

  13. I was in the process of changing my career path when I had a chance meeting with a veteran in the Indian industry. I shared my status with him. He advised me to do a full time or correspondence course in a field which was necessary for my new job profile. I am thankful that I took his advice seriously and did the course by correspondence. Today, I understand the importance of an expert advice in a career transition.

  14. Going about a change in career is not difficult at all. I agree with the author that we need to follow a series of steps to ensure that it happens. I have already done it twice and I took the help of my personality type test to land a correct career for me the 2nd time.

  15. I am contended with my career. I made the right choice the very first time. I do not think that I need a career transition. I will however look at my personality type- that sounds interesting.

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