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Strengthen your career with self-belief

Self belief-2If your career is not moving on track treat it as a temporary setback. In all likelihood its worth is not more than an experiment which has gone bad. Every individual on this Earth has his own standing and existence. Very few realize this and keep on mending their traits and honing their DNA. They do this keeping in mind the requirements of the company they work for. We develop so much fear of making mistakes that somewhere we fail to perform as normal individuals.

The present situation: Let me make it simple to understand. In our quest to perform beyond the expectations of the company, we hand over our ownership to them. We agree to work for extra hours on a daily basis. We are there in the office or factory on holidays and at odd hours. The family life and obligations are completely forgotten.  If we are not physically there in the office we are attending to work through the mobile phones. It is our endeavour to prove that we are better than robots in performing multiple tasks at the same time.Self belief-3

The result: When the results are announced at the month end, the performance is found lacking in most of the areas. The profitability of the company that we work for has worsened. All that is required now is to make fresh plans for the next month and even work harder than before. Under this pressure of working it is quite likely that a few people would buckle and give up the fight.Self belief-4

Learn from the past: When the results fail to improve month over month people are likely to lose their self-belief. That by any means is the biggest damage in the whole exercise. How about changing the perception of working?  Imagine a situation when you began your career and had the liberty to learn and enjoy working as a trainee. Many thoughts crossed your mind and may be you did some improvements. You were appreciated and this gave you the impetus for doing better. At that crucial juncture you got absorbed into the main stream and never had time to carry out the good work.

Value addition: The self-belief that you had in the beginning has to be restored once again through smart working. This means that you have to do the routine work and also take time out for value addition on a daily basis. The two hours of work where you focus on things that will change the way of working will make the difference. It could be an improvement in the cleanliness, process improvement to reduce rework or a technological up-gradation. This will make you more acceptable to the bosses and will give you the self-confidence.Self belief

Reap the benefits: It would be a matter of time before you build the trust of the organization and put your career on the growth path. If you analyse how much time you had to waste today on a routine affair, will set the guidance for the area where you have to concentrate next. Slowly you will find that the processes begin to stabilize with your two hour value additions. The routines will now demand less of your time. The improvements will begin to have larger impacts. You have done the job by believing in your self-ability to perform better. With the organization feeling the difference you will see your career move uphill.


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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. I liked the value add part. But it looks difficult to implement. I go to the office and get stuck in the daily routine and before I can do anything worthwhile the day is over. Suggest some method to break the jinx.

    • It is like taking a resolve, just like a New Year commitment. If you have the will to do it you will succeed. Make your value add plan while coming to the office. Start with a shorter interval first. Say about half an hour. Select a time interval when you are relatively free. It can be after the morning meetings around 11 AM or immediately after lunch say at 2 PM. Finish the work in the stipulated time and return to your routine. Gradually increase the time and you will begin to enjoy it.

  2. It is Very good site enhancing self belief and confidence.
    It acts as an eye opener . This will help people across functions and levels

  3. Nice Note to motivate at work

  4. It’s a good article to establish your confidence and enhancing your own belief.

  5. it is very good site enhancing self belief and confidence

  6. Really its a wonderful article.

  7. When you are starting, don’t try to do anything clever or elaborate. And don’t reach for perfection – just enjoy doing simple things successfully and well.

  8. If you have patience and perseverance, you are only steps away from a more confident you.

  9. I intend to take time out for value added activities from today itself. It is possible to avoid some not so important activities and do the value add. Good inputs.

  10. Many graduates waste their initial years in the organizations they work for. It is up to you to give an impetus to career and build your self belief and emerge stronger in these years. It forms a very strong base for your career.

  11. We are all so happy with our dull daily routines and doing the fire fighting that we fail to get the time out for value added activities. After being at it for the past 5 years I find it very difficult to make the change. But given the fact that it can shape my career it is worth a try.

  12. Learning from the past is fine but there are some inherent traits built inside you that do not change. I tried working on it but was not successful. After reading this article I feel that I should take some external help to get over my weakness. The help could be from an interactive course or a professional trainer. I am sure that will work. Thanks for giving me the confidence.

  13. With the repeated negative news every month in the monthly meeting of the company, I was highly depressed. I was working very hard and there was improvement in the areas I was working. The CEO noticed the change in my mood and called me to discuss the matter. He told me that he was happy with my performance but the others also had pitch in with the same kind of effort. He just propelled me to keep up the good work without any other worry. This gave a boost to my self-belief. Maybe it is a good input for others.

  14. I have been slogging at work , year after year and all I hear from the management is bad results. They also do not guide us, but ask our ideas for further improvement. I am sure if the business was doing so badly the owner would have closed down the factory by now. The article brings out the fact clearly that they are shattering our self belief. Anyway, I have understood their game plan and will act in a better way. I will not let go of my self belief.

  15. I had about 18 years of experience and am working diligently and honestly for the betterment of company. I do not interact with my seniors unnecessarily. If any problem comes up, then only I inform them.
    Recently got increment in single digits.
    I asked my senior for the dismal increment and he replied that I have to be more aggressive in my approach and improve upon my confidence and verbal communications.
    Please advise and help,

    • Aggression is a human trait. It is expected that as you move up the career path you will become aggressive.The job responsibility to handle more and more people demands it. However do not lose heart. Do a communication style test and find out your communication style. It is quite likely that you may have a passive communication style. You can improve it to Assertive style by taking some doable actions. You will appear more confident and your boss will also notice the change. The Assertive communication will ensure that you start getting the double digit increments once again. (You will do extremely well without aggression). We also offer short course for this for a nominal price. If interested write back to us at [email protected]

  16. The inputs given in blogs is really good and recharging. How can i get some mentoring as i have a little different situation to counter

  17. My self-belief took a hit when I was fired from the company. The reason given was that the company was facing a shortage of orders and staff had to be cut down. My colleagues propelled me to work towards another job. It was for them that I was able to make it otherwise I would have gone into a serious depression. I fully agree with the author that we have to be firm on our self-belief.

  18. I am a B.E. Mechanical Engineer with a MBA degree in Operations from one of the premier Institute. Presently I am working as G.M.-Purchase.
    I am looking for a job change but not getting positive response from anywhere.
    How can I do it effectively

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