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The five confidence boosters for your career growth

confidence-1All of us who are into jobs, business or pursuing any career profile have the desire to move ahead in our career path. Some of us are extremely ambitious while others prefer to grow at a steady rate. Whatever may be the speed, the turning point in the chosen path comes when we begin to exhibit confidence in our moves. The individual undergoes a change as he emerges from a nervous and shy garb to a confident and exuberant persona. Let us look at these simple confidence booster techniques.

confidence-2Speak less and listen more: Those who talk more are likely to be insecure. They try to fill in the voids with words and often cannot even remember what they said. It is quite different with the confident lot. They are already clear on their thoughts and want to know what the others think. They will question others and even make them introspect in order to get more information from them. The confident person already knows a lot but wishes that he knew more. One way to do it is to listen more and as you practice the habit, you will see your confidence level improving.

confidence-3Shower praise on others for your achievement: For a person with confidence, the achievements and accolades come naturally. He showers the praise on his subordinates and colleagues for the project completion and reaching the goal. He is already aware of his capability, yet he does not seek the glory. Instead, he earns the respect from the people on whom he turned the spotlight. They form his inseparable team and support him in his endeavours.

render of a person helping another climb a wall

Take support: Most of us would think it to below our dignity to seek help. It may appear that you lack the skills and knowledge and that is why you need support. Actually, it is the opposite and those who are insecure prefer not to admit their weakness. When you ask someone for help, you are actually giving him a compliment by acknowledging that he knows more than you. You not only get the support that you need but also a boost to your confidence.

confidence-5Never blame others: By blaming others you are trying to show that they are inferior to you. It is a mask that you are trying to wear in order to feel better about yourself. On the inside, you are insecure about your own capability. The confident person only makes the comparison with himself. He compares his present state with what he was in the past and with what he assumes to become in the future. Both the comparisons give him the confidence, as he has come a long way from his past and has a target to achieve in the future.

'My first thought was to say, 'I made a mistake', but then I began to have second thoughts...'Telling me not to do it'.'

Own the responsibility for mistakes: To err is human and it makes sense when you accept that you have committed a mistake. It takes real guts to do it and only the brave hearts make an attempt. The insecure ones feel that they will become the laughing stock of others when they admit their wrongdoing. However, the humans are far from perfect. So stop pretending to be impressive than what you are. The real confidence will come when you have nothing to hide.

confidence-7It is quite probable that you already have some of these traits in you. It is easy to tweak the others where you are lacking and give a boost to your confidence. See your career grow by leaps and bounds as you exhibit confidence in your daily job routine.confidence

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. I have been observing that I am becoming more nervous with the addition of responsibilities. The worries are writ over my face when I go to the office everyday. It has started affecting my health also. I have read this article and I find that I am not displaying any of the five characteristics mentioned here. I hope to try these out one by one and see if it changes my approach from nervous to confident?

  2. Thank you mentor sir, after reading this article I realized my mistake which im unknowingly making it for the years….
    I speak a lot without paying attention or listening others and also dont seek help from others, I never admitted my mistake courageously instead blame it for others,that’s why im not successful…but from NOW I will change myself….and will let you that if this article really helped me or not…

    • All the best to you. If you have the conviction you will succeed. The points brought out in the article are time tested and those who have practiced them have come out with flying colours. So, I see no reason why they will not help you in your endeavour. Keep me posted and I will guide you whenever required.

  3. We are a group of colleagues working in a FMCG company. Only one of us has the capability of accepting his mistakes and then working on it to improve further. Most of us are either neutral or have the tendency of blaming others for our faults. Now I understand why our friend who has no qualms about accepting mistakes is so confident about himself. He also has the career growth which no one else is able to match.

  4. I always stick to my work and rarely ever help out anyone else. I also do not get involved in groups and keep to myself. I get accolades for my work but I am alienated me from my colleagues. After reading the five confidence boosters I am going to make a try to change my approach to others. I have decided to take out 15 minutes from my routine and try to help someone. I think it will make me feel good but whether it will boost my confidence remains to be seen.

  5. My confidence got a real boost when I started admitting my mistakes and started taking corrective measures. I realized that people around me also started admitting that they were also in the same boat and were committing mistakes like me. That really propelled me forward into the confident league.

  6. After reading the article I suddenly realized that I speak too much. I have been a good orator in my school days and I always like to take command in meetings. This results in snubbing out others and their ideas as well. It was taken as a good characteristic at the beginning of my career but now as I have become a manager, the management is disliking it. I now understand the reason and hope to improve from here.

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