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The importance of campus placements

Campus placementsFinal year students graduating from the college are heading towards a new era in life. The fun days at the college are going to be over soon. Many of you are likely to step in the job world. But wait a minute! Are you really serious about the job? Most of the students take it differently. They think that it is the college’s responsibility to get them placed. Let us get a few notions right and check out what is the best approach.

Placement records: When you took admission to an undergraduate/graduate course, it was your parents who looked at the placement records of the college and helped you to make the college selection. By the time you move into the final year the statistics became clear. What if the placement record is only 60%? It means that besides the studies of the final year, you must get actively involved in your job search.

Campus placements-2The companies will come; interview the students, pick the cream, and go. It is up to you to make it to the selection list. The college placement cell only helps by seeing to it that those selected do not appear for interviews further so that the others get a better probability for selection. This is however limited to the dream jobs and not applicable to the normal or average industry jobs.

Interview preparation: It is quite likely that you do not have an exposure to the corporate interviews. In the college life, you have been able to carry on with casual clothing, but it is a very different story for the interviews. You have to get a good set of formal clothes to be worn on the day of the interview.

Those who are serious about the selection, get in touch with seniors in the pre-final year. They interact and find out about the experience of the seniors in the interviews. They not only come to know of the industries coming for campus selection but also the type of questions being asked. The seniors can also guide on the approach for the interview which is a boon for the first timers.

Campus placements-6Company’s approach: The companies coming for placements know that the students are graduating from the college and hence they test the students on their theoretical knowledge. Thus, you have to prepare thoroughly, and especially in the subjects which are co-related with the industry coming for placement. A lot of attention is given to the industrial training and projects which you carry out as part of your curriculum. If you understand the theory and have practical knowledge about the project, you stand a much better chance as compared to others.

While the college does its best for placement of the students, it is you who can responsibly carry out your bit for a positive outcome. If you follow the indicated guidelines it is imperative that you will make the grade. Do not bank on your parents or other influential people to get you a job, in case you are not placed through campus. Getting a campus placement is a must, even if the job is not much to your liking. Once you have something in the pocket, you will be able to find a better one pretty soon.

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. Interesting article. Very useful for final year students.

  2. The article provided some good insights for college students. I was expecting that the job will drop into my lap before I give the final exam. I now know that I will have to make an effort.

  3. I have started concentrating more on the campus placements as I am into the final year after reading the blog. The seniors in the college gave me a lot of tips. The blog guidance was helpful.

  4. We are likely to get very few companies visiting the campus for recruitment. I will try to procure a placement as it appears that life will be tough if I do not get placed through campus.

  5. I am pretty excited about the campus placements going on in our campus. The placement team is helping us. Last year the placements were to the tune of 115%. I am sure we all will be placed from the campus only.

  6. I am in the pre-final year of engineering. Good and helpful article. I will contact the final year students for guidance as they are currently appearing for the placement interviews.

  7. After reading the article, I understand how important it is to get a placement through the campus interviews. I am going to prepare well for each and every interview that I am allowed to give.

  8. I know campus placements are important but I feel that if you are a go-getter you can secure a job outside the campus also.

    • A job in hand is always better. You can strive for a better one once you move out of college.

  9. Some very good points have been brought out in the article. I would like to add that we can find more about the company coming for the interview from its website. The product range can help us in knowing about the subject we need to be ready for. This is especially so for the engineering students.

  10. For full one year after attaining my engineering degree from a private college, I was without a job. It was good enough to make me realize the importance of campus placements. This article is really good for all those who are in the college and they also must take cues from my example.

  11. I am in the second year of the college and I have already started preparing for the job placement. I always make it a point to visit the placement cell and look at the companies that are coming for interviews and also see the placement statistics. I also interact and talk to the final and pre-final year students in order to gather as much information as possible on the placements.

  12. I have always been serious about campus placements. If fact, I spend quite a lot of time at the placement cell to find out what is going on. I have started to participate in the work at the placement cell in order to get the insider information about the companies likely to come for the interview. It gives me a good time to prepare for them in advance.

  13. My parents have been guiding me and supporting me in all my endeavors. I think it is high time I started making efforts to set my career direction. I am graduating in two years and I can see that I need to put all my energies into securing a job

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