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The right career advice

The right career adviceIf you ask for a career advice you are most likely to be told, “Do what you like the most.” The career perceptions are changing fast and especially so with the younger generation. For one, they have a variety of options available to them and secondly they are not in agreement with the kind of turmoil they see their parents are going through in pursuing their jobs. They simply do not want the stress and the undue long hours at work. That is why you see a lot of bent of mind towards start-ups and doing their own business.

Beautiful woman in a dress relaxing on a hill

Beautiful woman in a dress relaxing on a hill

Do what you like-option: By pursuing a career path of our own choice are we doing what we like? If the answer to the question is yes then probably you have made an incorrect career choice. It is very difficult for any individual to come to an agreement on this. Think it this way, “Will someone pay you for doing what you like?” I like to watch the TV daily; I like to play games on my mobile; I like to surf the internet; I like to open my mailbox every morning and I like to read and answer all my emails. Nobody pays for these activities.

The right career advice-7Do what you like in your job: Some of you may like to differ and talk of doing what you like when pursuing a job. You may like to participate in the meetings but not take up any responsibility; you like to propagate the production figures or declared financial data to everyone in the company and invite fruitless discussions on the same; you might say that I like to work in the marketing department as you like the glamour associated with it- travel, meetings etc. and then blaming production for bad quality products for loss in sales. Do you think that the management will tolerate you for long and keep on paying you?

The right career advice-1Career strategy: We are not saying that you should not do what you like. But, do not mix it up with your career.  If you like meetings and discussions, do it with your friends in the free time. If you like marketing, try your hand at internet marketing after office hours, and see if you can sell goods to someone online. Maybe, we can look at a career as something which rewards you in the form of a salary, but when you make a contribution to the company for which you work.

The right career advice-6The personality input: Coming back on track, we must focus on what is the right career for us. The answer to the question is “Do what you are.” Each and every person has a personality of his own. The personality has been classified into sixteen broad categories. All you need to do is to find out to which category you belong by taking an online test.

The right career advice-5Check your personality type: There are a number of agencies that offer this test free online. Here are a few links: and . The first one requires some time and sends the result in your mail while the second one is shorter and gives the result on the spot. The only catch is that you need to answer the questions correctly to access your true type.

The right career advice-8Find your career options: Once you know what type of personality you are, you can find out the right kind of career options for yourself.  This can be done through the internet or you can read the bestseller “Do what you are” available on Amazon.

One thing is pretty clear the choice for the right career lies in “Do what you are” and not in “doing what you like.”

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. Thanks for the good advice.

  2. I found my personality type as ENTJ. I read about my characteristics and found them to be inline with what I am. Now I am going to search about my associated career path. Thanks for the inputs.

  3. The point that no one will pay you for doing what you like is well taken. It is an important factor for making your career choice.

  4. I still differ from what is said and would like to pursue what I like and make a career out of it.

  5. My colleagues have been telling me to make a career choice based on what I like to do. But the article brings out very clearly that nobody pays you for what you like to do.

  6. Personality type has a definite bearing on your career. One must have a look at it.

  7. I tend to differ from the crux of this article. I am going to find a job where I will do the work according to my liking. I do not know yet- but I will find it.

    • Best of luck! Getting paid for what you like to do, is a one in a trillion possibility. Maybe you are the one!

  8. Very well brought out difference in “doing what you like” and “doing what you are.” It is a must read for all career enthusiasts who need a direction for their careers.

  9. I have discovered that I am an INTP. Wow! this looks interesting. I am going to find out more about my career options.

  10. I had joined the marketing department because of the glamor associated with it. But after reading this article I am going to re-look at my career options as I am heading nowhere in the marketing department.

  11. I have found that the career progresses well in the initial stages say for ten or fifteen years. It is only after that people find the going difficult. Why we get worried at this stage? We should be actually looking at our personality types and switch to the right career when the going is good. I think the readers will agree with me.

  12. The personality type is quite interesting. I was able to get quite a descriptive view about my personality type from the website. Though it gives quite a broad view but it is quite close to my characteristics. Thanks for the good article.

  13. Wow! the Personality type exercise was interesting. Though I thought there were some repeated questions but they are there to clear your misunderstanding of a topic. The answer was ENFP. I found a lot of characteristics matching with my personality. I think the tests are correct. I am now searching for the right career option for an ENFP on the net.

  14. I have read a lot of articles that talk about conviction, skills, and your confidence level as far as your career is concerned. This is the first one that talks about personality type and its bearing on your career. I found it interesting and I am now going to find out my personality type. Thanks

  15. After reading the article I suddenly realized that I have been doing only routine jobs at work and not adding value. I also intend to look at my personality type to check whether I am cut for my current job profile? Thanks for the wonderful article.

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