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What to do if not through in campus placements

Campus placements-7When you move out of college you are fresh and full of energy. Do not let the absence of a job deter you in any way. However, keep in mind that you have to move very fast and see to it that you are engaged in a profession very soon. There are quite a number of options that you can explore. Take up the ones that are to your liking first, followed by the others. The common mistake that the fresh pass outs from college do is to revel under the limelight of the degree that they have just obtained and idle away the time.

Network: Get in touch with your family, friends, associates and known influential people. Tell them that you have just completed college and are on the lookout for a job. After communicating on phone, you can go and meet them personally. Seek help from your parents and elders in the family in case you are feeling shy in meeting the people. Go and meet the people in the industry where your father or relatives are working. Show to the world that you have arrived. When you meet people tell them about the projects that you successfully completed in college. Make them feel that you are just raring to go!Campus placements-3

Specialization: While the effort for a job is on, you can take admission in a specialization course that is an extension of the course that you have just completed from college. Specialization courses are available in various durations starting from one month to two years. Make up the skills that you are lacking in, or add new ones to your portfolio. If you appear for a job interview during this time the organization will be happy to note that you are utilizing the spare time very effectively. It will be a big positive in your favour.

Start-up: Today, a number of students are working on the concept of start-ups. One of the students has an idea while another two or three join to support him. The team has to work hard and everyone has to pitch in with his expertise and hard work. It is also likely that you will fail more than once before you actually start tasting success. It will be a confidence building exercise and will make you ready for facing greater challenges in life. It is also possible that you get a job in the meantime and support the group on a part time basis.Campus placements-1

If the things are still not working out in your favour, you can take admission to a full time or part time degree course, which adds to your qualifications. You will realize the value of the added educational qualifications at various junctures in your life. Education and specializations are your biggest assets that no one can steal from you. A highly educated person can also generate avenues for earnings, no matter how tough the situations are. Follow these simple guidelines and do not sit idle or waste time. You will see the results pouring in very fast.Campus placements-5

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The author is a veteran of the Indian automobile industry having spent more than 30 years there. The articles are based on the experience and learnings gathered during the course of his career. The writing is also interspersed with the advances and change ideas influencing the careers of the people.


  1. Excellent input for the freshers.

  2. We have been hearing and reading a lot about start-ups. The media is full of coverage on the same. However I actually got a feel of a start-up in the making by clicking on the link provided. The article has given me some motivation to work on this avenue.

  3. Hey the link on the start-up is great. I never knew it was coming up right here in the US. It has given me a lot of encouragement to start something on my own. Thanks.

  4. I was highly demoralized as I did not get a campus placement. After reading this article I have a ray of hope that things are not that bad. I am going to join some evening classes in a CS course while I will keep my job hunt on.

  5. I tried talking to people holding good positions in industry to help me out in getting a job, but it does not move beyond sending my CV to them. However, I find the option of joining classes to increase my expertise a very good idea. I will get certified for a skill while I can continue my job search along with it.

  6. I did not get a job in the campus, so I am working in an industry without any pay. The industry belongs to a distant relative. It is giving me an experience of working on the shop-floor, while I am searching for a job also.

  7. Two of my colleagues who could not make it through campus placements, worked on networking and physically meeting people and were able to secure jobs within forty days. The article has brought out the same fundamental very clearly.

  8. I have not been able to make it through the campus placements. I have been idle for eight months now and I am being targeted by every one in the family. Instead of guiding me they keep on taunting me. I find a ray of hope after reading this article and I am going to join a computer course. I see a lot of openings in that field and I am lacking the programming skills. I am sure I will be able to take up a job with my add-on skills. Thanks for the input.

  9. When I graduated from the college I was in the seventh world. It took about two months for me to come to the ground reality that I was without a job. Still undeterred by it, I continued to while away the time for four more months. At that time it became clear to me that I had to work hard to secure a job and it will not find me on its own. A friend of mine who had read this article guided me to read it and I suddenly realized what mistake I was committing. Thank you for this eye opener. I will definitely take it forward from here.

  10. I secured a job in 7 months after graduating from college. I now realize that I should have spent that time in enhancing my skills. Not only I would have added skills but also got a job much earlier.
    Those who are sitting idle after graduating from college must read the article and act on it.

  11. I have seen many of the freshers getting into start-ups with a lot of confidence. Very few of them actually succeed and the bulk of them end up in loosing money. They then look out for alternatives. I feel if someone is hell bent start-ups he should join a start-up after finishing college and gain experience before embarking on his own journey.

  12. As mentioned in this article I was basking in the glory of the management degree that I had attained from a reputed college. The daylight dawned on me when I overheard the comment from the neighbour that there are many more unemployed youth like her. The very next day I came across this article and my strategy has changed. Now I am working on getting engaged in a job and using the techniques as suggested. I am happy to state that I have bagged an interview call within a week of my effort.

  13. Having obtained the degree from college I was reveling with friends and enjoying life. Little did I realize that I am loosing time for getting that so important job. Thanks for the eye opener.

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